4th Dec 2018


A return visit from Fujifilm
We welcomed Shannon Meddings from Fujifilm for another in-depth look at their excellent range of compact, mirrorless system and medium format digital cameras. She arrived very well equipped with the complete range of cameras and lenses, and all of it was available for trying out and demonstrating.
She also presented some of her excellent photography achieved with the Fujifilm system, answering many question about the advantages of switching to a smaller, lighter camera outfit for all types of photography.

30th July 2018

The Photography of Water in Motion

Photographic water features, and capturing effects with water
Members of the club were welcomed to Bill’s home and garden where he had constructed a varied and creative array of clever equipment to make water more interesting to photograph than simply running out of a tap !
Luckily no cameras came into close contact with this deadly enemy of electronics, but some of the members did suffer mild dampness …. Bill himself was resolute in his generosity of making sure everyone captured some very impressive images and we are all looking forward to seeing all the results at the next meeting ….

16th July 2018

Black & White Photography plus Photographing Water

Black & White Photography plus Photographing Water
This well-attended regular meeting had two topics of coverage. Firstly, Robert spoke about the basic principles and ways to approach black & white photography, illustrated by many classic and beautifully shot examples of the genre.
Bill, who is hosting our next meeting in the garden of his home, showed us examples of his excellent work with capturing water in motion, achieved using some very cleverly constructed equipment for the purpose !

2nd July 2018


Successful Photographic Printing Workshop
A return visit to the club by Colin Hulley of Permajet, who brought an impressive array of printing technology to show members how to achieve the best photographic print quality with a home printing set-up. Many members had their own images printed by Colin while he demonstrated how to adjust and calibrate print settings, how different print processes worked, and the finer details of colour profiling were explained and shown on-screen. Many examples of Permajet’s excellent, very wide range of papers were used, with them all available as sample prints, and much knowledge of how to achieve successful prints was certainly learned during the evening.

18th June 2018

Long Compton Visit

Evening Trip to Long Compton
The club went on an evening visit to the beautiful Cotswolds village of Long Compton, Warwickshire, in the hope of taking a winning photograph for Long Compton’s first ever photographic competition and exhibition. The weather stayed kind, but dark clouds started rolling in later in the evening, leading to some good sky backgrounds. Who knows, one of the group may of taken a winning photograph!

4th June 2018

Photo Editing Software tutorials

Any Camera Club ethic should be to encourage its members to help and support each other with any areas of their hobby that they need to gain more experience of and this is very true of all the software available for digital photo editing, retouching and image enhancement.
Three of our members presented small workshops of their previous images and experience of working with Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Lightroom and Snapseed, an excellent app that runs on tablets and smartphones. Much hands-on experience was gained and more understanding of this fast-moving area of photographic technology.

21st May 2018

Studio Training

Portrait Training Day
With a couple of lighting kits, and some willing internal models we started looking into the basics of portrait photography, lighting equipment and how settings on your camera or lighting rig altered the outcome of the image.
The session aimed to help in our preparation for a future event where we hope to rent a studio and use professional models. We rounded the meeting up with a short review of a few members photographs, covering everything from graffiti, deserts to sunsets.

Monday 7th May 2018

Abstract and Effects